Youth Theatre for all.

Showcase Sioegerdd exists to give young people the challenge and opportunity to perform traditional and modern theatre to the public and their peers. Our group encourages confidence building, teamwork, social skills, reward through hard work and practice, new friends and lots of fun through the performing arts.

Showcase Sioegerdd has helped young people progress through youth theatre, to college and university and careers in the performing arts. The skills and confidence attained through performing have given our participants a boost when looking for work, attending interviews, undertaking exams and in all other aspects of life.

As well as supporting young people, our shows are popular among the community. Our performances bring colour, culture and entertainment to our valley. To create a rich community we all must support and be part of that community. Be that in business, commerce, sport, leisure or culture.

If you would like to take part, help or support Showcase Sioegerdd then please get in touch here.

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