Showcase Sioegerdd aim is simple.

We seek to provide a safe and fun environment for children and young people to experience the joys of the theatre, whilst learning valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership.

We are a registered charity (Charity number 1125956) and Performing Arts group based in Aberdare in the South Wales Valleys.

We work with anyone and everyone (aged 6+), regardless of experience or background, from on stage roles to off stage ones. Working together to develop skills within the theatre.

If you are interested in joining, go to the ‘contact‘ section of this website.

In May 2017, members of Showcase became Dementia Friends. Together we can raise awareness, off help and understanding. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing; Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain; It’s not just about losing your memory; People can still live well with dementia; Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by Dementia.

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